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Montana Meat Processors Association

MMPA creates  a community for  Meat Processors to acquire  knowledge and regulation awareness, promoting profitable connections  and  economic  advancement.  

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A Note From MMPA President

Jeremy Plummer


Fellow Members:

As crazy as it seems, convention time is upon us again. Jim and Wendy Dumas from Big Sandy Meat Shop and your board of directors are busy taking care of details to make this spring in Havre just as beneficial and memorable than years before. Along with our anunual gathering comes the election of officers and directors. Please join the board If your interested. Each new person brings unique qualities and ideas to help improve our association of such good intention and support. As always feel free to share your thoughts with us anytime. I truly appreciate all who are involved. After all, its the MMPA comradery that makes Montana a great place to MEAT. This is the time of year I encourage you to ask a neighboring plant to join. Get them to the show and we’ll inspire them with our accepting and open atmosphere. They will undoubtedly recognize the other endless benefits soon after. Local industry can certainly use more folks who work as hard as all of us to sustain the positive image of meat processing.

It brings great sadness to be planning another cured meats show without our good friend and mentor, Ron Richard. We will certainly have a cold one or two as we share stories in loving memory. His legacy will live on as we continue pushing ourselves and each other to raise the quality processing bar in Montana. Please help encourage new members to enter products in the show. Our quality judges bring exceptional wisdom and freely offer advice while critiquing our work. This insight alone is more than worth the entry fee. We all know its more about the education than the competition. As we enter into 2019, continue to incorporate all the learning, sharing, and enthusiasm MMPA plants are known for. Enjoy what we do because its a special trade. Employees, customers, other plants, and suppliers quickly become family. Please continue to support those suppliers that support MMPA. 

I sincerely wish all of you a safe and prosperous new year. Look forward sharing time together in Havre!!! 

MMPA President
Jeremy Plummer


MT Meat Processors Association

4700 Gooch Hill Road

Bozeman, MT 59715


President  Jeremy Plummer

Lower Valley Processing, Kalispell, MT


Vice President  Jason Emmett

Stillwater Packing, Columbus, MT


Sec/Treas  Lyle Happel 

Happel’s Clean-Cut Meats, Bozeman, MT


Newsletter Editor  Robin Happel

Bozeman, MT

Convention Chair  Jim Dumas, Big Sandy Meat Shop